Scouting for the rest of the year

Our lives have been completely turned upside down this past month and we just want you to know “we are all in this together” isn’t just a saying for us. We are a pack. We are a family.  We will support one another in good times and in bad times. Along with schooling and everything else, our scouting year has been disrupted and we have no real timeline for when activities and meetings will resume, but this doesn’t mean scouting has to cease. In fact, our leaders recently met via video chat and we have some really great and innovative ways to continue our program remotely, which we will be sharing after the holiday. In the meantime, enjoy your Easter and Passover with your families. Please count your blessings during these hard and scary times and know we are always here – isolation is hard. Home schooling is hard. And life itself is hard enough even without a pandemic- if you need anything, could use some advice or help with school or just need to hear a friendly voice- we are all just an email or phone call away! We miss you and wish you continued good health!

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