Tiger Cubs

Tiger Cub BadgeTo begin his path to the Tiger Cub rank, the Tiger Cub (age 7) must learn the Cub Scout promise, the Cub Scout sign, and the Cub Scout salute. When he has learned these, he gets his Tiger Cub emblem, which is a tiger paw with four strings for beads. He wears the emblem on his right pocket.

As a boy finishes each part of the five Tiger Cub achievements, he earns an orange bead (for den activities), a white bead (for family activities), or a black bead (for “Go See Its”). When the boy has earned five beads of each color, he can receive his Tiger Cub badge.

Cub Scout Advancement

Tiger Cub Achievements

  1. Making My Family Special
  2. Where I Live
  3. Keeping Myself Healthy And Safe
  4. How I Tell It
  5. Let’s Go Outdoors

Tiger Cub Electives

  1. How Do You Celebrate?
  2. Making Decorations
  3. Fun and Games
  4. Display a Picture
  5. Family Mobile
  6. Song Time
  7. Play Along
  8. Your Religious Leaders
  9. A New Friend
  10. Helping Hands
  11. Helping the Needy
  12. A Friendly Greeting
  13. Making Change
  14. Reading Fun
  15. Our Colorful World
  16. Collecting and Other Hobbies
  17. Make a Model
  18. Sew a Button
  19. Magic Fun
  20. Get the Word Out
  21. The Show Must Go On
  22. Picnic Fun
  23. What Kind of Milk?
  24. Help in the Kitchen
  25. Snack Time
  26. Phone Manners
  27. Emergency!
  28. Smoke Detectors
  29. Safety in the Sun
  30. Plant a Seed
  31. Learn about Animals
  32. Feed the Birds
  33. Cleanup Treasure Hunt
  34. Conservation
  35. Fun Outdoors
  36. See a Performance
  37. Take a Bicycle Ride
  38. Bicycle Repair
  39. Go to Work
  40. Fun in the Water
  41. Transportation
  42. Fun at the Zoo
  43. Pet Care
  44. Dairy Products
  45. Fresh Baking
  46. Healthy Teeth and Gums
  47. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle
  48. Go for a Ride
  49. Your Government
  50. Banking