Cyber Chip

Cyber Chip EmblemToday’s youth are spending more time than ever using digital media for education, research, socializing, and fun. To help families and volunteers keep youth safe while online, the Boy Scouts of America introduces the Cyber Chip. In developing this exciting new tool, the BSA teamed up with content expert NetSmartz, part of the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children and training expert for many law enforcement agencies.

Netsmartz has created a Scouting portal showcasing Cyber Chip resources, including grade-specific videos, for each level. Check it at .Topics include cyberbullying, cell phone use, texting, blogging, gaming, and identity theft.

Cyber Chip Requirements


Grades 1-3 (Tigers, Wolves, Bears)Cyber Chip Card

  1. Read, commit to, and sign the Level 1 Internet Safety Pledge. (BSA Cyber Chip blue card).
  2. Watch the video “Bad Netiquette Stinks.”
  3. Play the Router’s Birthday Surprise Interactive Adventure, and print the completion certificate to give your den leader.
  4. Show and tell your family, den leader, den, or pack what you have learned.


Grades 4-5 (Webelos)

  1. Read, commit to, and sign the Level 1 Safety Pledge. (BSA Cyber Chip blue card).
  2. Watch the video “The Password Rap” and another video of your choosing.
  3. As an individual or with your den, use the Teachable Recipes to demonstrate Internet safety rules to your den leader, den, or pack. (Must access through
  4. Discuss with your unit leader the acceptable standards and practices for using allowed electronic devices, such as phones and games, at your meetings and other Scouting events.


Note: All Cyber Chips will expire annually. Each Scout will need to “recharge” the chip by going back to the Netsmartz Recharge area. This space will hold new information, news, and a place for the Scout to recommit to net safety and netiquette. Then, with the unit leader, the Scout can add the new date to the Cyber Chip card or certificate.


Additional Resources