Belt Loops and Pins

The Academics and Sports program gives Cub Scouts extra recognition activities to earn. In Academics subjects and Sports, Cub Scouts learn new skills, become better scholars, learn sportsmanship, and have fun. You can get to know a sport or an academic subject that’s new to you –maybe astronomy, chess, computers, science; golf, hiking, tennis, or skateboarding to name a few in the program.

Belt loops and pins are a great way to help fulfill the aims of Scouting—build character, develop citizenship, and encourage mental and physical fitness.  Through a variety of subjects, you can stretch your mind and abilities by exploring the wonders of science, learning about the world, and expanding skills in new areas. This is a chance to try something new, do your best, and earn recognition all at the same time.

You earn a belt loop to wear with your uniform when you complete three specific requirements for each Academics or Sports activity. You can take part in three ways: (1) by yourself or with your family, (2) in your den or pack, or (3) in school.

Once you have earned the belt loop, you can stop. But if you want to do more with the activity, you may complete extra requirements to earn a pin.


Cub Scouting is fun! Learning is fun! Participating in academic experiences is fun!

Boys may think that school is just work, but the Cub Scout Academics program will show Tiger Cubs, Cub Scouts, and Webelos Scouts that scholarship provides more doorways to adventure. Through geography, computers, art, science, mathematics, and more, boys will discover new adventures and freedom. A microscope or a map will open new worlds for them to explore.

Scholarship leads to knowledge, which is the key to real adventure, as it lets a boy participate rather than merely stand on the sidelines and watch. Not only will he be able to solve new problems and face new challenges, but he will enjoy life more because he will know more about it and understand it better.

Art Belt Loop & PinAstronomy Belt Loop and PinChess Belt Loop & PinCitizenship Belt Loop & PinCollectingCommunicating Belt Loop & PinComputers Belt Loop & PinDisabilities Awareness Belt Loop & PinFamily Travel Belt Loop & PinGeography Belt Loop & PinGeology Belt Loop & PinGood Manners Belt Loop & PinHeritages Belt Loop & PinLanguage and Culture Belt Loop & PinMap and Compass Belt Loop & PinMathematics Belt Loop & PinMusic Belt Loop & PinNutrition Belt Loop & PinPet Care Belt Loop & PinPhotography Belt Loop & PinReading and Writing Belt Loop & PinScience Belt Loop & PinVideo Games Belt Loop & PinWeather Belt Loop & PinWildlife Conservation Belt Loop & Pin



The Cub Scout Sports program provides opportunities for athletic activities among Cub Scouts and provides Cub Scouts the opportunity to interact with adults. Participating in sports is more than developing physical fitness skills. Boys also learn about sportsmanship and its three major elements: honesty, fair play, and respect.

Honesty is a core value of Cub Scouting and a foundation for everything we do. Honesty leads to trust. Honesty involves our willingness to apply the rules fairly to everyone. Honesty creates trust in our relationships with others. Together honesty and trust contribute to our children’s sense of well-being and self-confidence as they meet new people and play new games on the playing fields and as they face life’s challenges.

Following the rules honestly also leads to fair play. In a game, everyone is treated fairly, or with justice, and everyone has a share in whatever is at stake. Fair play occurs within a game, but also within the family, the Cub Scout den, and the community.

On the soccer field, everyone’s skill will be a little different. Boys will learn to respect their peers regardless of skill—and regardless of what they look like or what they believe. Boys will take the respect that started with a game and apply it through all their relationships, all their lives. Respectful behavior will open doors to many opportunities throughout life.

Physical Fitness


* Loops and pins for archery and BB-gun shooting can be earned only in day camps, Cub Scout/Webelos Scout resident camps, council-managed family camping programs, or at council activities where there is properly trained supervision, and all guidelines for BSA shooting sports are implemented. Archery and BB-gun shooting belt loops and pins cannot be earned at the pack, den, or individual level. Requirements therefore are not included.