Scouting For Food 2011

Today Troop/Pack/Crew 155 did our part in the Boy Scouts of America’s Scouting for Food tradition. Scouting for Food is the nation’s largest one day food drive.  We proudly netted 1,836 food items weighing in at 2,949 lbs. To put that into another perspective that is a mere 51 pounds shy of 1.5 tons of food that we collected and dropped off at a local food bank this weekend.

Not only should the scouts be commended for their efforts but a hearty thanks goes out to all of the parents that helped in many ways. Some walked with a group of kids, others followed behind with a vehicle to collect food items, while others helped unload, count and sort the food.  All of the cubs and a few siblings seemed to have a great time.  Our cubs in attendance certainly did their best today.

After all of the hard work of the day, our cubs got to unwind with a fun filled sleepover at the Marks Scout Resource Building.  They had pizza for dinner, took a hike around down town Philly, ran around like animals, then settled in for a couple movies with popcorn and cookies until they fell asleep.

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