2012 Klondike Derby

On Monday we prepared for the Klondike Derby; we have 14 boys signed up to go.  Please note that the Klondike Derby is *NOT* the Pinewood Derby to be held in March.  The Klondike Derby is an event modeled after the the Alaskan Gold Rush.  The boys will pull a supply filled sled from station (town) to station  (town) performing various activities.  While most are fun and games a few will challenge their skills/scouting knowledge.

The weather forecast for Saturday, at the time of this writing, is a high of 40 with a wintry mix all day.  This means it will be snow, sleet, rain all mixed together. Naturally this could change , as it already has.  Earlier this week they were calling for a high of 50 with a chance for showers.  I will continue to watch the weather and keep you up to date of any major changes.



To make the day successful lets and fun for the kids lets start with what you need to be prepared..

  1. Parents, be prepared yourself; you want to make sure you are warm, comfortable & dry yourself. The Klondike Derby is an outdoor event and we will be outside from approximately 8:30am until 3:30pm.
  2. Make sure that your boys are dressed for the weather, in layers and prepared for a change of weather.
    • NO SNEAKERS OR SHOES – BOOTS (Waterproof) ARE MANDATORY.  — The boys will be outside pulling a sled, playing games and more in cold, wet,  wintry weather.
    • Hat, Gloves, Scarf — Mittens are warmer but gloves offer dexterity. A great option are the soft cotton (knitted gloves) inside a pair of mittens.  This way they can maximize hand warmth but still have finger dexterity for activities without having to expose their hands.
    • Snow/Rain gear — Again it will be a wet wintry mix all day.  If your boys get wet, they will get cold faster.  Their clothing should be in layers, which can be altered as necessary, with the innermost layers providing comfort & warmth and the outer most layers protecting against wind, snow & rain.
    • Spare socks & Shoes – Feet sweat, feet can get wet. There is nothing worse than soggy feet on a cold day.  Bring some extra socks and shoes to keep in the car.  This way your boys can change their shoes before heading home to keep your car clean and their feet warm.
  3. Make sure your boys have a bottle of water with them.  Yes, your boys will be provided food and drink but the cold air dehydrates you quite rapidly. For safety reasons your boys must have a bottle of water with them.
  4. Bring your Handbooks & Neckerchiefs
  5. Excitement – Have your boys bring a boat load of excitement.  The day is all about FUN FUN FUN!



I will be bringing the sleds, for your information each sled will have a box/crate containing the following items;

*One of each Cub Scout Handbook
*One each Cub Scout Neckerchief
*Four 3′ Lengths of Rope
*First Aid Kit
*Den Flag
*Filled Water Bottles For Each Scout
*Den Yell & A Lot Of Positive Energy



Citizenship: Know President, Vice President, Governor & Mayor

  • Tigers/Wolves/Bears: Know the people and their job
  • Webelos: The above plus the length of term and what political party they are with.

First Aid – Basic First Aid

  • Tigers – What to do if you get cut (just explain)
  • Wolves – How to take care of a small cut
  • Bears – How to take care of a knife cut to the finger
  • Webelos – How to stop serious bleeding and demonstrate the Heimlich maneuver and tell when it is used.

Cub Scout Basics (All Ranks)

  • Cub Scout Promise
  • Cub Scout Motto
  • Cub Scout Pack Law

Leave No Trace (All Ranks)

  • Explain Leave no Trace
  • How Do They Use It

Buddy System (All Ranks)

  • Explain the Buddy System
  • Give Examples when to use the Buddy System

Knots & Rope

  • Tigers
    •  Practice Tying Shoes
  • Wolves
    • Tie an Overhand Knot
    • Tie a Square Knot
  • Bears
    • Tie a Square Knot
    • Tie a Bowline
    • Tie Two Half Hitches
    • Tie a Slip Knot
    • Explain how each not is used.
  • Webelos
    • Demonstrate setting up a tent or dining fly using two half hitches and a taut line hitch.
    • Show how to tie a square knot and explain how it is used.


  • All
    • Know the Pledge of Allegiance
    • Help Folding the Flag
  • Tigers – How many Stars?
  • Wolves – How many Stars & what do they mean?
  • Bears – How many stripes & what do they mean?
  • Webelos – How many stars were on the first flag and who made it?


  • Spear Throwing
  • Animal Tracks
  • Ring Toss
  • Jug Drop
  • Stilt Relay
  • Magnetic Fishing
  • 3 Legged Relay
  • Ball Through A Hoop
  • Skit & Song (each team needs a song/skit)
  • Car & Driver
  • Forehead Squeeze Relay
  • Target Shooting with Nerf Guns
  • Obstacle Course

Event specifics such as time, location, costs can be found on the Klondike Derby Calendar Event (here).

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