Webelos Progress Report November 20th, 2012

In the Webelos dens we are continuing off the foundation laid with our Veterans day activities and working on the Citizen Activity Badge requirements.   Part of these requirements, requirement 8, include earning the Citizenship Belt Loop.  Last night in den we discussed some of the rights and responsibilities of being a citizen covering requirements 1a, 1b and part of requirement 7. We covered the basics of flag etiquette and touched on the history and symbolism of the flag completing requirement 3 and just touching requirement 4.    Those boys who participated in the Scouting for Food service project completed their service project, required for requirement 3 of their citizenship belt loop thus completing 1/3 of Activity Badge, requirement 8.

Home Assignments

  • Read the Citizen chapter in the Webelos handbook, we will have discussions based on this.
  • Complete the requirements for the Citizenship Belt Loop
    • The boys were given a hand out to develop a list of jobs you can do around the home and chart their progress for one week.
    • Make a poster showing things that you can do to be a good citizen.
    • Those who did not participate in Scouting for Food, should start working on a type of service project they can do with their families. They will need to discuss their project upon completion.


For the next couple of weeks, excluding next week’s pack meeting we will be working on the Citizen Activity Badge requirements.  If all goes smoothly, aside from any outstanding assignments, we should be able to complete this by December 3rd or December 10th.  It is important that assignments given out be completed at home.  There are still several boys that have not turned in their Fitness assignments, the last items to earn the Activity Badge.  Regarding Fitness see  the October 8th Progress Report and the October 15th Progress Report.



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