Colonial Plantation – Last Minute News

We hope everyone is excited for this weekend’s camping trip.  It looks like it will be a beautiful weekend. The highs are 83 on Friday, 85 on Saturday and 86 on Sunday with the lows hitting 60 Friday into Saturday and 64 Saturday into Sunday. It will be Sunny or Partly Sunny all weekend.  Now 60-65 out in open fields can be quite chilly especially right around dawn when the dew is settling. So make sure you have some warm blankets.

Arrival Times

  • Those arriving on Friday night should plan to begin arriving after 4:30 pm.  We strongly suggest that all Webelos scouts bring a mess kit with them.  We will have a little discussion on how to clean/sanitize your utensils while camping.
  • Those arriving on Saturday can arrive anytime after 9:00 am but keep in mind that lunch will begin promptly at noon and at 1:00 the workshop begins. You want be there early enough to get your tent set up and ready to go before lunch.


The address for Colonial Plantation is 3900 N Sandy Flash Dr, Newtown Square, PA 19073.  There are two main ways out there; Route 1 which is the shortest route and then you have I-95 and the Blue route, which is longer but could have less traffic depending on the time of day and any sporting events that may be going on. During the morning rush hour the I-95 route is faster than taking the Boulevard out through City Line Ave.   You can get to the Plantation either from the North off West Chester Pike (Rte 3) or from the South off N. Providence Rd (252)

My suggestion, check the local traffic reports before leaving or use Google Maps which now tries to factor in current traffic.

Workshop Activities

We agreed on Colonial Toy Making, Chores and Farming for the scouts.  The latter two may sound daunting but they are actually very scout oriented.  Chores covers getting water from the well and sawing wood. Farming is things like rail splitting and what not. In the event something changes, Candle Making is our backup option.

What to bring

A full camping checklist can be found at the end of this section but we do want to stress the importance of a few items;

  • Personal First Aid Kit
  • Filled Water Bottle or Canteen
  • Flashlight w/spare batteries & bulb
  • Whistle
  • Rain Gear
  • Sunscreen
  • Trail Food

Those who have earned the whittling chip and own an *APPROPRIATE* pocket knife for a cub scout, are welcome to bring their pocket knife *ALONG WITH* their whittling chip card.  They are absolutely not allowed to have their pocket knife without their whittling chip card.  We will ask who has a knife and we will ask to see their cards.  Any boys without their card, with a knife that is not appropriate for them, or who do not follow the rules will have their knife confiscated until the end of the trip.

What constitutes an appropriate knife?  A knife that is sized correctly for the scout and fits appropriately in his hand. It should not be too large nor too small. It should have a locking blade that does not require the scout to put his fingers in the path of the blade to close.  The blade should not be serrated and it should single sided. Ideally the knife will have a single blade only.

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For those coming Friday evening we are providing Saturday breakfast, lunch, dinner and Sunday breakfast. For those coming on Saturday you will have Saturday lunch, dinner and Sunday breakfast.  We may have the scouts that come up Friday night make something for a small Friday night meal.  We have been toying with some ideas.

If you bring food, make sure it is secured (sealed, preferably in a plastic container) and not in your tent. There are free range animals at the farm.


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