Bears & Webelos Progress Report: Knife Safety Training

Whittling Chip CardTonight the Bears and Webelos begin their annual Knife Safety training. This class is designed to teach knife safety and in addition to some basic safety rules, the boys will learn additional rules that must be followed.  While this is a requirement for Bears, the pack requires Webelos scouts to take the training each year as well.

Our program takes 2-3 hours depending on the attentiveness and behavior of the boys. We start with an introduction to various bladed items, teach them the differences, and validity of their usage. We will cover a series of safety requirements, administer a short test, and if they pass we will practice carving apples and soap.

  • For Bears this course will complete Bear Achievement 19: Shavings and Chips and allow your Bear to earn his Whittling Chip Card.
  • For new Webelos this isn’t a requirement for rank but the training is required to allow your Webelos to earn his Whittling Chip Card.
  • For returning Webelos who have already earned their Whittling Chip Card, this training is required by the pack in order to upkeep the privilege of the whittling chip.

We may or may not have activities that allow the use of a pocketknife and having a whittling chip card is a requirement to participate in such activities.

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