Welcome to the 2014-2015 Season

The title says it all!  Welcome back to a new scouting season.  In addition to welcoming back our returning scouts we would also like to wish the best to our scouts who crossed over into the Boy Scouts at the end of the previous season.  Your pack wishes you the best of luck and hopes you enjoy your learning experience in the Boy Scouts.

We hope everyone had a great summer and enjoyed the summer activities that we had planned for you.  We would love to get feedback from those who attended on what we did this past summer.  There will be a recap of what we did towards the end.

New Season

RecruiterAs we get back into the swing of things with our weekly meetings starting back up tomorrow Monday September 15th.  This is the time of the year for returning scouts to bring in any friends or family interested in scouting.  If they join and pay their dues the referring scout earns their recruiter badge.

During this time we will have a lot of new scouts showing up with an interest in scouting. We expect that our seasoned scouts will exhibit the core values of scouting and help make the new scouts feel welcome. They should take the time to introduce themselves, introduce new boys to other pack members & leaders, as well as assist them with earning the Bobcat rank. This common courtesy also covers requirements for the various ranks; for example

  • Tigers: Elective 9, Help a new boy get to know other people.
  • Wolves: Elective 22e. Invite a boy to join Cub Scouting or help a new Cub scout through the Bobcat trail.
  • Bears: Achievement 24a, Help a by join Cub Scouting or help a new Cub scout through the Bobcat trail.

Parent Meetings

RememberThis year we will be holding monthly parent meetings on the last Monday of every month.  Our goal is to keep these meetings around 15-20 minutes so on months which we have a Pack meeting the meeting will be held as part of the pack meeting. The format will be to inform you of what is coming up; any issues, concerns or changes going on; what your scouts are working on, and any assistance we may need.  We ask that you be sure at least one parent or family member attends each meeting.

For September there will be two parents meetings: one for returning scout parents, and one for new scout parents. Returning scout parents will meet on Monday Sept 15th.  New scout parents will meet on Monday Sept 29th during the open hours.

We look forward to seeing you all tomorrow night.

Summer Recap

We had great participation this Summer earning Pack 155, once again, has earned the National Summertime Pack Award for running at least 3 activities in each of the Summer months. Two of our dens earned the National Summertime Den Award for over 50% average participation, and finally 11 scouts earned the National Summertime Activity Award for participating in one pack activity per summer month.


We started off the summer with our BBQ and end of year awards, then we had a Swim & Belt loop day at the Winchester Swim Club.


July is the month of summer camps and half the pack attended summer camp this year where they got incredible head starts towards their rank before the scouting season even started having earned several belt loops, pins, activity badges and completing a variety of requirements & electives.  Half of those attending went to 2 or more camps.  Aside from a month of Camps, we went tubing  down the Delaware as a family outing.


In August we went camping at Hibernia State Park.  It was our first time camping there and had great fun.  We had 2 Venturers from the newly formed Venturing Crew 1776 join us.

Once again we look forward to seeing everyone tomorrow night.


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