Bear Elective 15: Water and Soil Conservation

Every living thing depends on clean water and rich earth. It is important that we learn as soon as we can how to care for our water and soil.

(Bear handbook page 240)

15a – Dig a hole or find an excavation project and describe the different layers of soil you see and feel. (Do not enter an excavation area alone or without permission.)

15b – Explore three different kinds of earth by conducting a soil experiment.

15c – Visit a burned-out forest or prairie area, or a slide area, with your den or your family. Talk to a soil and water conservation officer or forest ranger about how the area will be planted and cared for so that it will grow to be the way it was before the fire or slide.

15d – What is erosion? Find out the kinds of grasses, trees, or ground cover you should plant in your area to help limit erosion.

15e – A s a den, visit a lake, stream, river, or ocean (whichever is nearest to where you live). Plan and do a den project to help clean up this important source of water. Name four kinds of water pollution.


Related achievements, electives, or other awards

  • 15a –  Geology Pin requirement #11
  • This elective is also part of the Cub Scout World Conservation Award (see page 282)
  • This elective could be used towards the Cub Scout Outdoor Activity Award (see page 284)