Belt Loop

Geography Belt LooComplete these three requirements

  1. Draw a map of your neighborhood. Show natural and artificial features. Include a key or legend of map symbols.
  2. Learn about the physical geography of your community.  Identify major landforms within 100 miles. Discuss with an adult what you learned.
  3. Use a world globe or map to locate the continents, the oceans, the equator, and the northern and southern hemispheres. Learn how longitude and latitude lines are used to locate a site.

Academics Pin

Geography Academics PinEarn the Geography belt loop and complete five of the following requirements.

  1. Make a 3-D model of an imaginary place. Include five different landforms, such as mountains, valleys, lakes, rivers, plateaus, and plains.
  2. List 10 cities around the world. Calculate the time it is in each city when it is noon in your town.
  3. Find the company’s location on the wrapper or label of 10 products used in your home, such as food, clothing, toys, and appliances. Use a world map or atlas to find each location.
  4. On a map, trace the routes of some famous explorers. Show the map to your den or family.
  5. On a United States or world map, mark where your family members and ancestors were born.
  6. Keep a map record of the travels of your favorite
    professional sports team for one month.
  7. Choose one: (a) Read a book in which geography plays an important part; (b) On a Web site with satellite views of Earth, identify at least five locations, including your home address or a nearby building. Be sure you have your parent’s or adult partner’s permission first.
  8. Take part in a geography bee or fair in your pack, school, or community.
  9. Choose a country and make a travel poster for it.
  10. Play a geography-based board game or computer game. Tell an adult some facts you learned about a place that was part of the game.
  11. Draw or make a map of your state. Include rivers, mountain ranges, state parks, and cities. Include a key or legend of map symbols.

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