Engineer Activity Badge

Engineers designed your school bus, the cars on the road, the road itself, and the bridges you cross. Engineers designed all the different kinds of computers you see at school, in offices, and at home.

Almost anything you use that was manufactured was probably designed by an engineer. Not only that, but engineers designed the machines that workers used to make the product and the factory building where it was made. Airplanes, space shuttles, space stations—all designed by engineers. Engineers work in many exciting and challenging fields.

While you earn this activity badge, you can work on engineering projects like bridge models, a catapult, and an electrical circuit. When you complete each requirement, ask your Webelos den leader or activity badge counselor to sign it on page 212.


Do both of these:

1.  Talk to an engineer, surveyor, or architect in your area about the different occupations in engineering. Create a list that tells what they do.

2.  Draw a floor plan of your home. Include doors, windows, and stairways.

And do four of these:

3.  Visit a construction site. Look at a set of plans used to build the facility or product. Tell your Webelos den leader about these. (Get permission before you visit.)

4.  Visit a civil engineer or surveyor to learn how to measure the length of a property line. Explain how property lines are determined.

5.  Tell about how electricity is generated and then gets to your home.

6.  Construct a simple working electrical circuit using a flashlight battery, a switch, and a light.

7.  Make drawings of three kinds of bridges and explain their differences. Construct a model bridge of your choice.

8.  Make a simple crane using a block and tackle and explain how the block and tackle is used in everyday life.

9.  Build a catapult and show how it works.

10. While you are a Webelos Scout, and if you have not earned it for another activity badge, earn the Cub Scout Academics belt loop for Mathematics.

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