Sportsman Activity BadgeAmerica is a sports-loving country. We cheer our school teams. College and professional games draw crowds, and we watch all kinds of sports on television. These games are great fun to watch, but too many Americans are spectators. Be a player!

In the Sportsman activity badge, you’ll play team sports like basketball, baseball, and soccer. You’ll go out for individual sports like bicycling, swimming, and tennis. You may try a sport you’ll play all your life.

Sports build your body and improve your skills. Some sports sharpen your eye and your accuracy. Some require you to move carefully and deliberately, while others demand quick thinking, speed, and endurance. Choose your sports and play!


Do these:

1.  Show the signals used by officials in one of these sports: football, basketball, baseball, soccer, or hockey.

2.  Explain what good sportsmanship means.

3.  While you are a Webelos Scout, earn Cub Scout Sports belt loops for two individual sports (badminton, bicycling, bowling, fishing, golf, gymnastics, marbles, physical fitness, ice skating, roller skating, snow ski and board sports, swimming, table tennis, or tennis).

4.  While you are a Webelos Scout, earn Cub Scouting Sports belt loops for two team sports (baseball, basketball, soccer, softball, volleyball, flag football, or ultimate).

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